In the fast-paced, digital world we live in today, customers demand more from businesses than ever before. In order to remain competitive, retail stores must implement new technologies to enhance the customer experience but also drive sales.
With over 1 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp Business app is one of the most popular messaging apps. It’s especially popular with young people and where people may not have high-end phones or data plans. For these reasons, many businesses are using WhatsApp as a channel for marketing and customer service.
Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone and installs apps on it to make their life easier by interacting with various services all in one place. The usage of mobile applications has increased significantly among businesses in different industries like hospitality, clothing retail, food & beverage etcetera…

Whatsapp marketing trend in 2022

Whatsapp marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience, especially in today’s world where social media is king. And like most other marketing channels, there are a number of different ways to make the most of WhatsApp marketing.
There are several different WhatsApp marketing strategies that can be used to effectively reach your target audience. These include:
Engagement: One way to connect with your target audience is through engagement. The best way to engage your target audience is by sending them exclusive offers and promotions in addition to regular communication. By engaging with your target audience through social media, you can build a better connection and increase the likelihood that they will take action when you communicate with them.
Newsletters: Another way to connect with your target audience is through newsletters. This is an effective way to build trust and credibility over time as customers trust companies that send regular news updates about new products or promotions. Sending a regular newsletter can also help you keep up with what your target audience is interested in and ensure that you are sending relevant messages to them at all times.

above marketing strategies require thethe use of Whatsapp Business App or Whatsapp Cloud API.

Why use WhatsApp for business?

WhatsApp is a handy way to keep in touch with your customers and business associates. It’s free to use, it’s easy to set up, and it works across all devices. Plus, no matter where you are in the world, you can send messages to any phone number or email address registered to your account.
There are a few reasons why you may want to use WhatsApp for business:
-it helps to inform your customers about new products or services.
-also to stay in touch with employees or suppliers when you can’t be there in person.
-To quickly respond to customer queries without having to call them back.
-To maintain a consistent brand image so that customers know what they’re getting from you.

How to integrate WhatsApp Business with your local store?

Whatsapp is available with 2 apps listed below:-

1. Whatsapp for Business apps and

2. Whatsapp for consumers.

also now WhatsApp launched Whatsapp Cloud API.

To integrate WhatsApp Business with your local store, you need to install and set up Whatsapp Business App or you need to get Whatsapp Cloud API.

Whatsapp Business APP- Link to Download

Use this app if you would like to personally manage conversations with your customers, this app is suggested for a small number of customers.

(a) Installation of Whatsapp Business App- Once you install WhatsApp Business App, go to three dots in the right corner of the WhatsApp Business App and then go to Business tools, there you will find the option to configure Business Information. Start with your business name and type, also fill description about your business, you can fill Business Hours also which will help your customers about your business timing. then Email your business and the website of your business(You can create your own Digital Whatsapp Shop using Quickzu, and you can use that link in the Whatsapp Business App, Website section) after this you need to add products details by going into Catalog manager section in Whatsapp Business App, but here you will have some limitation in the number of product, so highlight the major product/services of your local store, if you want to add multiple products you can use Quickzu to create your WhatsApp catalog.

(b) Social Links in Whatsapp Business App- After adding products now you can also add Facebook and Instagram links to your local store, which might help you to connect with your customers on social media also.

(c)Automated message in Whatsapp Business App- Now setup Greeting message, in Whatsapp Business App, I really like this feature, you can automate what to reply when any custom message you on Whatsapp Business App for the first time. I would suggest with a formal greeting message also send your website link of your local store Whatsapp Shop, which you can get from Quickzu for free.

(d) Quick Replies in Whatsapp Business App- Along with a Greeting message, you can set up an Away message, and Quick Replies, Quick replies are templates being used to send common replies to customers. so instead of typing the same thing again for all customers, you can make a template to use it frequently.

(e) Customer data management- Now to organize all your customers and chat, you can use Labels, which help you to manage customers and chat efficiently. now you can also click on Advertise on Facebook to run ads on Facebook for your local store just from your Whatsapp Business App.

(f)Link Sharing- In Whatsapp Business App, you also get the option to create a short link to share with anyone so they can communicate with you on WhatsApp without asking them to save your number. , you can use any QR code generator tool to make QR of this link to quickly share with your customers.

Whatsapp Cloud API – Link to Download

Whatsapp Cloud API is not any app, it’s the same as WhatsApp service but without any app, here you need to use any service like WATI, WA.TEAM etc to use this. in WhatsApp cloud API you will use a fresh WhatsApp number to get WhatsApp API which can be used to send template-based messages to customers like product notifications, alerts related to products, offers, etc. here you will need some CRM or chat tools to intrgate WhatsApp cloud API to see received message. I will explain in-depth the usage of Whatsapp Cloud API for local businesses/stores in another blog post.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps and is used by people of all ages, cultures and income groups. It’s especially popular with young people and those in emerging markets where people may not have high-end phones or data plans. If you want to reach your target audience with minimum effort, then WhatsApp is the best platform to promote your brand. You can set up a WhatsApp Business account to connect with potential and existing customers. Once you’ve created an account, you can link it to your existing website and other social media accounts. You can use the account to promote your products and services, host customer Q&A sessions, or provide customer support. You can also use it to send marketing messages, though you’ll need to be careful not to spam your customers. If you want to go a step further and add an extra level of convenience to your existing shop, you can integrate WhatsApp with your online store.