We have asked to provide a payment gateway in Quickzu for every order since it’s possible to do but we have users in every corner of the world and we don’t want to restrict users with a specific payment gateway. thus we have provided API and Webhook for all users without any limitation. So users can become citizen developers and can connect payment gateway to Quickzu based on their country.

Check out the below video to learn how you can connect your payment gateway to Quickzu Whatsapp Order System for every order you get, you can generate a payment link for that, we have used Razorpay in this video which is an Indian Payment gateway provider, you can use any other payment gateway with any of Automation Platform like Zapier, n8n, etc.

Why use Webhook ? we love webhook because they are very fast and send all data when a new order is placed, using webhook can help you to do more automation

Connect Quickzu Whatsapp Order Form with Payment Gateway

Let us know if you want to understand any automation case study, also if you have tried any Automation, we would be happy to feature that in our Blog.

Loved this payment gateway automation, do read how to send order data to Google Sheet from Quickzu here.